We have a 21,000 square foot outdoor test pad that is serviced by a 4" Gas Line providing up to 250mcf/h @ 450psi.  The area has grounding centers and is pre-wired with communication to a comfortable second floor testing observation area, equipped with phone, internet, and air conditioning. This space provides an area for both our customers and engineers to view and control the testing.


​Other TestingServices

  • Hydrostatic testing services up to 3000psig

  • Liquid Penetrant testing: All other NDE by subcontract

  • Pneumatic Testing: Air pressure up to 125 psig

  • X-ray Pipe/ Tube/ Welding Inspection

  • Bending: ASME Jig for welder qualifications

  • Dye Penetrant Crack Testing

  • Internal Bore Scope Inspection with Digital Recording 

  • Oil Test, Cleaning and flushing Hydraulic Systems with our 400 GPM flushing skid



  • Insulation resistance dielectric testing AC to 50KV and DC to 80KV

  • Low Voltage Load Banks 300KVA 120V/240V/480V

  • 400kw Black Start Cummins Generator 

  • 5000kw @ 13.8KV Freestanding Load Bank Testing