EQ operates and owns two 12,000 Sq.ft panel shop buildings. We can fabricate and wire control panels based on any project and plant requirement. We build  panels from the big and complex, to the simplest operator stations.  Our capabilities cover a broad range of industries and applications.

EQ provides:

  • Custom control panel design, layout and fabrication for:

    • Turbine Controls

    • Generator Controls 

    • Generator Line Side Cubicles and Neutral side Cubicles

    • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

    • Marshalling Panels

  • Cable tray design and fabrication

  • Grounding

  • Power distributions center and Motor Control Center engineering and fabrication

  • Conduit design, installation, and routing

  • Automation upgrades

  • AC and DC UPS systems

  • Cable Tray engineering and fabrication

  • Field wiring of all types and environments

  • Field device Integration

Panels can also be made in any shape and coated to any color.


Also our variety of services include:


Custom Labels/ Tags

Rotary engraving and color printing.



NEMA grade GPO-3 Insulator Fabrication to fit most applications.


Custom Control Panels

Design and manufacturing of custom control panels for a wide variety of industries.


Copper Bus Bar

Copper Bus bar manufactuirng.


Custom NEMA Enclosures

Custom enclosures meet NEMA.

New and Old TM2500.JPG

Field Services & Commisioning

Skilled team of electrical field service technicians for Electrical Wiring, Integration, Troubleshooting, Performing preventative maintenance inspections and testing. Running conduit, mounting instruments, wiring, hook-up, and installing custom conduit systems, bending, and threading.