Whether your equipment needs protection from the elements, or an environmentally controlled atmosphere, EQ can help find a solution. We can package all your critical equipment into a single working system. 

The pictures above reflect a typical control room manufactured by EQ to house a 32MW turbine control system. It included a self supporting base, floors designed for 250psf loading, roof and walls designed to meet snow/ice loading and wind velocities specific to your region. Options may include external stairs, platforms and railings, HVAC Systems with various insulation levels, fire rated walls, computer floors, fire protection systems, plumbing fixtures, and many other custom features. 

Equipment that can be integrated into Portable Buildings includes:

  • Turbine Controls 

  • MV and LV Switchgear

  • MV and LV Motor Control Centers

  • Switchboards, Panel Boards, and Transformers

  • Batteries, AC, and DC UPS